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Ellenville Airport Hanger Space

Joseph Y. Resnick Airport


All spaces currently occupied.

Interested parties should email their information to be added to the waiting list. Contact Page 


Anyone interested in space should contact us immediately as changes with current tenants is possible.Corporate operations looking for heated space should also inquire as space could become available for special circumstances.


17 Aircraft Hangar bays with the following sizes


2 at 40' wide, 34' deep and 12' high ceiling (one insulated and heated)

11 at 42' wide, 34 deep and 12' high ceiling (two insulated and heated)


1 at 47' wide, 34 deep and 12' high ceiling (insulated and heated)


2 at 46' wide, 38' deep and 14' high ceiling (one insulated and heated, other one can be insulated and heated)

1 at 42' wide, 38' deep and 14' high ceiling (insulated and heated)


All heating is radiant concrete floor.The 4 12' high ceiling hangars with heat are oil fired.

The 14' high ceiling building is LPG.


All buildings are steel clad with concrete floors and steel framed Hydro-Swing 


Winter advantage: All snow (and rain for that matter) runs off the back of the buildings away from the doors.Year round access is not a problem at Ellenville.


All walk through doors include a deadbolt lock.


Tenants are responsible for their own electric.Each unit has it's own electric meter.

Those tenants with heat are responsible for their own fuel costs.


A lease contract that aims at keeping this airport and hangars a nice place to enjoy is required to be signed by all.Being responsible and respectful to our fellow hangar community is essential.


A bathroom is available to all tenants and is accessed with a hangar key.

Everyone is responsible for keeping the facility clean.One water hydrant is available for washing aircraft.

Access to hangars is by airport gates.The airport gates are electric and everyone who is permitted is assigned a code for entry.